Learn how DAPR works

DAPR is a mobile market-place application, currently on available on iOS, that allows individuals to list, sell and buy clothing items from other users in the United Kingdom.

Whether you wish to buy or sell, you are required to sign up with Stripe. However, dependant on what you wish to do, the protocol varies. If you’re looking to purchase an item, we have integrated your registration with Stripe seamlessly. If you are looking to sell you will be redirected to Stripe to create an account that allows for payments and pay-outs.

Why do you have to sign up to Stripe?

We have integrated Stripe as a means of secure payments that comply with UK laws and legislations. Furthermore, we, DAPR, have decided we shall be the ones to resolve any issues that may occur, to make things easier for you. Resulting in you, the user, not needing to go through different routes and/or avenues in the hopes on resolving an issue.

Furthermore, Stripe allows us, DAPR, to dictate the duration until pay-outs are successfully made. What does this mean? When you purchase an item, you are required to add a bank card, the amount is then sent to the seller, however, there is a holding period before the seller receives the funds in their account. This ensures that if a refund needs to be made, we can instantly re-debit your account with the amount you initially paid.

Your financial and sensitive information is managed by Stripe. We do not have access nor save any sensitive information, other than what is apparent in our app such as sign-up form, listing a product, making comments, following, direct messaging et al.


When you have sold an item, there is a fee. We, DAPR, charge a 7.5% fee on all purchase transactions. Stripe also charge 1.4% and an additional £0.20 for European cards, on all purchase transactions. Your total fee percentage is 8.9% with an additional £0.20.

Example of how fees work:

• An item sells for £10.00

• DAPR takes 7.5% of £10.00 which is £0.75

• Stripe take 1.4% of £10.00 which is £0.14

• Stripe also take an additional £0.20 for payments via European cards resulting in Stripe’s total fee being £0.34.

• The total fees taken, by both DAPR and Stripe is £1.09.

• The total remaining, in this example, would be £8.91, which is the sellers.

Fees are processed instantly.


We, DAPR, are the one to deal with all matters, whether it be financial or app-usage matters. Should there be an instance where you feel you are entitled to a refund, you can request us to look at the issue. We may contact you via e-mail asking for more details, but we aim to solve this matter as efficiently as possible. We shall communicate with both seller and buyer simultaneously prior to making our decision.


Any purchases made in-app via Stripe are protected with DAPR. Users can sell and purchase in person, in this case, you are not protected by DAPR. Also in the event, you make a purchase using other method payments, that are not integrated into DAPR, as a platform, at the given time, will result in you losing your payment protection with DAPR.

Best practises

When selling an item ensure you depict and describe the item are accurate as possible. A false/misleading listing may lead to a full refund, if we determine this to be the case. When shipping an item, ensure you use a method of tracked delivery. This can be used as evidence should there ever be an issue. Users may message you wanting to know more details, please ensure you demonstrate integrity. Ensure the item(s) is packaged safely and securely.

By doing so, you will gain a positive feedback and your reputation will proceed you resulting in more sales.


If you require further assistance with DAPR, please feel free to contact us on our social media accounts or via e-mail; support@dapr.app