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What is DAPR?

DAPR is the latest marketplace platform that allows you to buy, sell and discover fashion.

Preloved. New. Streetwear. Vintage. High-end.

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DAPR embodies simplicity in all aspects, from design to functionality. Meaning you save time.


We offer complete transparency for those looking to selling on DAPR. You can learn more about how to start selling with DAPR in our 'About' section.

User Focused

DAPR's vision is to have a safe, guarded community driven by you. Whether you’re a seller or a buyer we would love any suggestions and all feedback on how we can improve your experience with DAPR.


We have integrated Stripe into our application, as a result, we do not store sensitive information about you. You can learn more about Stripe in our ‘About’ section.

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Once you have paid, the seller will be informed off the purchase and will ship the item to you. We hope you love it!

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Learn how to start selling with DAPR

Download & Connect to Stripe

Download DAPR from the App Store, for free.
After signing up, head to the List section. Here you will be prompted with a message stating you are required to connect to Stripe. You will be redirected to Stripe. Follow the on-screen instructions. This is pivotal, as connecting to Stripe will allow you to receive payments and list your items.

Snap & Sell

After successfully connecting to Stripe, you will be redirected back to DAPR, from there navigate to the upload section on our app. Take clear pictures of your item. Remember first impressions count! Also, fill in the corresponding details regarding the item you wish to list. Once done, simply tap the 'List item' button and wait for your item to sell!

Helping hand

We’ve incorporated several features to help you can sell your items, as quick as possible. Features ranging from: comments, likes, easy discoverability, following one another, direct messaging and even offers. All of this for you. At no extra cost.

Frequently asked Questions

Learn about DAPR from FAQ!

Anyone from the United Kingdom, can sell on DAPR.
Simply sign up to DAPR and and search for a piece of clothing you wish to purchase. Dependant on the seller, you may even be able to make an offer. When making your first purchase, we will simultaneously connect you to Stripe. After successfully registering with Stripe, you will be allowed to make direct payments via your bank.

After downloading DAPR, and configuring Stripe, you are free to list as many items for sale. You have flexibility on DAPR. You can outline whether your items can be retured, if you wish to accept offers, allow for collection and so much more. We strongly advise you to demonstrate integrity with your items, failure to do so can lead to an indefinite suspension. When a user purchases your item, you are legally obliged to fulfil the order. You will be sent the user's details to ship the item. We strongly advise you send all items tracked or with a means of evidence to state the item(s) has indeed been delivered.

Stripe is a payment processing platform. Regulated and operating in over 120 countries. Stripe utilises the latest and cutting edge tools to enforce security, ensuring your information is safe and protected at all times. Stripe is used in several well renowned mobile applications and websites.

Learn more about Stripe by clicking here.
We understand there may be times where everything may not go as smoothly as we wish. If you believe there to be an issue, please use our in-app resolution centre. We may e-mail you requesting further information. We aim to respond and resolve all issues as soon as possible. We will look into each and every case prior to making a decision.